Chilli Red

How To Use

1. Ensure the Soup Maker is unplugged from the mains.

2. Remove the lid, be careful not to touch the serrator blade. WARNING: Sharp Blades

3. Place all the ingredients into the Jug. Add the liquid last, filling up to between the Min and Max marks on the Jug.

4. Place the lid back onto the jug ensuring it is securely in place.

5. Plug into the mains. The icons will flash in sequence.

6. Press the mode button to select the required program. The icon will illuminate.

7. To start the Soup Maker, press the Start/Stop Button. The Soup Maker will beep and begin the cooking process. The cooking time will be displayed and start to count down.

8. When finished, the Soup Maker will automatically go into Keep Warm for 30 minutes, after this period the Soup Maker will beep for 10 seconds. Unplug from the mains, remove the lid and pour the soup into a bowl.

Smooth Function

The smooth soup program is perfect for delicious soup recipes requiring a smooth consistency, such as Quick and Easy Pea, Ham and Mint Soup. The program ensures the ingredients are blended to the right consistency and gently cooked at the right temperature. The program lasts for 21 minutes and then your soup is ready to serve and enjoy!

Chunky Function

The chunky soup program is perfect for rustic soup recipes requiring a chunkier consistency, such as Winter Lamb and Lentil Broth. The program allows the ingredients to be heated for longer to ensure the chunky ingredients are fully cooked. The program lasts for 28 minutes, and then your soup is ready to serve and enjoy! For chunky soup there is no blending process, just heating. It is therefore recommended that you cut any vegetables into small dice sized pieces. If your soup is a little too chunky after cooking, select the blend function to achieve the desired consistency.

Clean Function

The clean mode makes it easy to maintain your Soup Maker. Simply remove the lid and pour 800ml of water and a small amount of washing up liquid in the Soup Maker. Place the lid back on the jug and plug the Soup Maker into the mains, select the Clean Function. The cycle lasts for 4 minutes. Clean mode removes most of the mess for you, once finished wipe away any excess with warm soapy water and a sponge. In time the clarity of the jug will deteriorate with prolonged use and cleaning, this is normal and will not impair the performance of the product.

Blend Function

The blend setting allows you to further blend the soup to the desired consistency, if required. This function works without additional heating of the soup. To access this function after cooking, select the Smoothie/Blend function with the Mode Button and press and hold the Start/Stop Button to blend.

Smoothie Function

The smoothie setting is ideal for making smoothies or milkshakes from fresh ingredients. Select the Smoothie/Blend function with the Mode button. Then press and hold the Start/Stop Button until the desired consistency is achieved.

If you have selected a program incorrectly and the Start/Stop Button has been pressed, or you want to cancel the program, simply press the Start/Stop Button and hold for 2 seconds, the icons will flash. Press the Mode button to select the correct program and press the Start/Stop Button to restart.