The Original Multifunction Cooking Pot

Convenient cooking at your fingertips with the Multifunction Cooking Pot. Why buy 10 different products when you can create delicious meals with just one pot!!

Nasi Goreng
Smokey Grilled Corn
Steamed Pork & Prawn Wontons
Steamed Veggies with Sweet Soy Butter Sauce
Recipe Book

One Pot, Many Functions

Convenient cooking at your fingertips. The Multifunction Pot comes with 3 accessories so you can grill, slow cook, steam, fry and more to cook a variety of meals!

Non-Stick and Easy to Clean

The non-stick coating and uniform heating on the full cooking plates work towards helping you cook healthier meals and easier cleaning

Evenly Cooked

The Multifunction Pot fast and continous heating plate means your meals will be always be cooked evenly and stay on temp with the built in accurate temperature controls.

Included Accessories

Deep Pan

Grill Pan

Stream Tray

Product Specifications

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